Bespoke Solutions

Uniqueness for Belvedere is a key and absolute prerequisite: each living being is unique and therefore it is their legitimate desire to live in an environment that fully represents and reflects their identity. Belvedere, through Belvedere Bespoke, creates for its clients unique items that turn into distinctive features, making a statement on individual preferences in line with one’s character and personality.


Preliminary project analysis

Belvedere Exclusive Interiors, in the preliminary phase, works closely with designers, architects and the final clients to guarantee the fulfillment of the highest expectations.

Cost estimate

The meticulous planning of the entire project, the development of the preliminary drawings and cost estimation are only small examples of the way Belvedere assists the client in respect of the scheduled time frame and budget

Shop-drawings and prototypes

Each single item, each detail, each space designed is subject to assessment for approval before it is executed and installed. Prototypes and finish specimens are studied and executed in full respect of initial specifications to guarantee every time the utmost satisfaction.

Production and quality control

Belvedere Exclusive Interiors is synonymous with excellence, and is today a consolidated and established group that offers exclusive solutions, the result of the expertise of skilled craftsmen specialized in wood and metal manufacturing and tapestry. The ability to combine state-of-the-art technologies with a know-how developed through decades of experience in luxury furnishings enables Belvedere to create unique items for exclusive projects. The absolute respect of quality standards is guaranteed by continuous assessments before each delivery and installation, with the utmost attention to detail.


Belvedere coordinates logistics in respect of the predetermined budget and within the scheduled time frame, and handpicks the most suitable means of transportation for any geographical destination. The best international forwarding agents are selected each time to guarantee the fulfillment of the project and to ensure that the final products are delivered intact.


Belvedere’s qualified professionals and highly specialized technicians coordinate and supervise the activities of the partners anywhere in the world and will personally carry out the more demanding and strategic tasks. Every installation carried out bears the Belvedere quality stamp.

After-sales assistance

Belvedere Exclusive Interiors constantly generates and consolidates new relationships based on prerequisites of professionalism and respect of commitments taken, and is always ready to promptly intervene to satisfy any requirement.