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ClassiCon has always been synonymous with quality, bespoke production and timeless taste. The goal of the company, based in Munich, is to create unique, original and aesthetically flawless pieces. A distinctive trait of the brand is the re-edition of great modern classics and, at the same time, the scouting of young emerging talents. The brand’s iconic pieces include the E 1027 small table and the Bibendum armchair designed by Eileen Gray, as well as the Nymphenburg coat hanger by Otto Blümel. More recently, the brand has started a long and valuable collaboration with designer Konstantin Grcic on the successful Diana tables series. 
The ClassiCon furniture pieces as well as the lamps, the small tables and the other furnishings from the German brand, focus entirely on quality. Each piece is signed and progressively numbered as a seal of excellence regarding the materials and the production process, in full respect of environmental sustainability. The ClassiCon brand ensures that each item is the authentic and faithful replica of the original, skillfully and meticulously crafted. 

As a ClassiCon partner and retailer in Arezzo, we will be on your side in the selection of the items from the ClassiCon catalogue that will fulfill your needs, discreetly helping you choose the best solutions for your projects. 

Belvedere is the authorized dealer



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