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Established in 1976 by manager Nicola Fabrizio and his wife Elda, Dedar – an acronym of the Italian “design d’arredamento”, meaning  interior design – offers a wide variety of textiles for curtains, sofas and armchairs, wallpapers. The Dedar textiles, available in a wide assortment of patterns and colors, are the result of a meticulous selection of  the most refined yarns and a thorough research on fibers. Each product conveys a sense of elegance and impeccable taste, but also a desire for innovation to achieve excellence. For this reason, the company constantly interacts with artisans and specialists with a strong expertise on materials and techniques. The time devoted to the production process at Dedar may vary from a minimum of one to three years: a long period of time that is required to experiment, research and achieve perfection, to give life to tomorrow’s new classics. 
Speaking of excellence, in 2011 Dedar started a new and exciting collaboration with Hermès to produce and distribute home textiles and wallpapers. 

As a Dedar partner and retailer in Arezzo, we will be on your side in the selection of the items from the Dedar catalogue that will fulfill your needs, discreetly helping you choose the best solutions for your projects. 

Belvedere is the authorized dealer



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