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Gervasoni, a Made in Italy company with a 130-year history, relies on the expertise of the best Italian craftsmanship. The family’s third generation heading up the brand is taking it to further success: the  indoor and outdoor designs by Gervasoni are easily recognizable, and hardly reproducible, due to their vibrant and sparkling style. The secret of the brand’s success lies in an irresistible cross- contamination of Italian design with shabby chic echoes, which tone down the shapes of the Gervasoni sofas, but also of the brand’s chairs  or beds, adding a sense of airiness and effortlessness, also courtesy of  the natural materials employed.
At the helm of the brand’s art direction is Paola Navone, the designer of the Gervasoni Ghost (where the fabrics  create soft, ample lines), Brass, Nuvola and  Gray collections. The latter is a combination of Scandinavian  design and a 1700s mood. Navones’ imaginative and refined vision has definitely contributed to mark out the brand’s distinctive features; it is not by coincidence that Navone designs the majority of the collections. The standout collaborations with prestigious designers include Michael Sodeau for the Bolla lamp, and Jasper Startup, the creator of the Wind fan.

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