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Limited Edition rugs immediately catch the eye: it is the result of hours, and at times even days, of intense manual labor.
The ancient Belgian artisanship tradition mixed with Limited Edition’s exclusive design find their purpose in the creation of hand-made rugs of all sorts, from the simple to the exuberant ones.
The company decided to keep the manufacture in their country of origin, Belgium, for three main reasons: first of all because of the ancient textile tradition which, in that area, goes back to the medieval period; the desire to supervise the entire production process in order to guaranty top quality products; and, at last, the care and attention that they provide for their customers.
Among Limited Edition’s flagship products are the Astral collection made of bamboo, Cubic and its geometrical shapes, textile rugs such as Bohemian and Trendy, as well as traditionally tufted rugs like Pasha.

As Limited Edition’s partner and retailer in Arezzo, we can be by your side while choosing the articles from Limited Edition’s catalog that suit you best, walking with you discretely towards the best solutions for your projects.

Belvedere is a Limited Edition authorized reseller.

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Belvedere is the authorized dealer
Limited Edition



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