Belvedere is the authorized dealer Moooi Carpets

Moooi Carpets was established in 2015 within the Moooi world. Just like Moooi, also the Carpets division aims at bringing beauty into peoples’ lives, furnishing  homes, office, hotels and restaurants with innovative and iconic products. The Moooi Carpets collection is rich and refined, an assortment of unique, breathtaking patterns. The cutting-edge technology of the high definition Cromojet printer enables to reproduce an unlimited number of hues to obtain solutions of amazing photorealistic quality. 
The collaboration with leading names in design is one of the brand’s signature features, including Front for the Walking on Clouds carpet, Marcel Wanders for the Eden Queen carpets, Festival Inferno and O.O.O., Studio Job for the Hexagon collection. However,  the most interesting aspect of Moooi Carpets is giving the opportunity to anyone to design a carpet and have it produced, regardless of its size, scale or specifics. 

As a Moooi Carpets partner and retailer in Arezzo, we will be on your side in the selection of the items from the Moooi Carpets catalogue that will fulfill your needs, discreetly helping you choose the best solutions for your projects. 

Belvedere is the authorized dealer
Moooi Carpets



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