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A company specialized in rugs and tapestry, Nanimarquina was founded in Barcelona in 1987 with a clear goal: designing unique, surprising, handcrafted products, contemporary style rugs, modern carpets and lively fabrics.
Nanimarquina is in constant search for innovation, artisanship skills and new materials. They produce high-quality products that embed traditional techniques and modern designs.
Nanimarquina work with local and international designers to guaranty a wider variety of patterns, materials and shapes. The result? A one-of-a-kind rug for each customer. A rug for every area and every emotion.
Their top collections include Mélange, which combines tradition and modernity, Chillida, designed by Eduardo Chillida and Rabari, made only with New Zealand wool and designed by Napa Doshi and Jonathan Levien.
As Nanimarquina’s partner and retailer in Arezzo, we can be by your side while choosing the articles from Nanimarquina’s catalog that suit you best, walking with you discretely towards the best solutions for your projects.
Belvedere is a Nanimarquina authorized reseller.
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