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Oluce, the storied design company, has always stood out in the industry for its peculiar, fully Italian expressivity. With the Oluce lamps the merely functional aspect of the lighting system is replaced by a new way to conceive light as a key element in the home. Lights means emotion and elegance, and creates a bond between the home and the people living in it: the light interprets moods and lifestyles, creating unique and personalized atmospheres. In such a way, the Oluce lamps and  floor lamps effortlessly blend with the ambiences and complete them off with their beauty and  harmonious shapes. The iconic pieces, well-known in Italy and worldwide, include Atollo Oluce (1977), the Sonora lamp by Vico Magistretti, and the Spider (1966) and Coupé (1967) Oluce lamps, both designed by Joe Colombo.
Besides Vico Magistretti and Joe Colombo, the brand has collaborated with other prestigious names such as Marco Zanuso. 

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Belvedere is the authorized dealer



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