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Penta Light design and produce high-end, contemporary style, 100% made in Italy lamps and chandeliers. Penta Light products are the fusion of formal and essential architectural elements, which guaranty perfect lighting and timeless elegance. Since their foundation, Penta Light have translated designers’ ideas into objects where beauty meets practical functionality, inspired by master artisans’ art.
An icon among Penta Light’s collections is certainly Architect and Designer Carlo Colombo’s Glo, a glass sphere that enhances the glare of the light. Its diversity of colors and sizes leaves ample room for one’s creativity.
Much more than a mere lamp, Clip is a sophisticated jewelry for the ceiling, a contemporary stile accessory designed by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri. The materiality of cement merges with le lightness of glass to make the lamp Acorn, filtering through a warm and enchanting light.

As Penta’s partner and retailer in Arezzo, we can be by your side while choosing the articles from Penta’s catalog that suit you best, walking with you discretely towards the best solutions for your projects.

Belvedere is a Penta authorized reseller.

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