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Porada were birthed out of love for wood. Founded by Luigi Allievi in 1968, the company was built on quality and professionalism. Excellence, experience, a balance between look and practical functionality, a modern yet genuine flavor: the qualities that launched Porada’s international success in little time.
Porada’s collections are wide and varied, with furniture meant to last and envisioned by designers like Marconato & Zappa, Tarcisio Colzani or Stefano Bigi, among others.
For Porada, it is all about the intended use of a room. Therefore, even décor becomes an essential part of the project. This is how the Garbo armchair, the Anxie chair, the Infinity tables or the Ubiqua bookshelf were created.
As Porada’s partner and retailer in Arezzo, we can be by your side while choosing the articles from Porada’s catalog that suit you best, walking with you discretely towards the best solutions for your projects.
Belvedere is a Porada authorized reseller.
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