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In the summer of 1943, Westye F. Bakke built his first freezer in the basement of his home in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. From that humble beginning, Sub-Zero became a world-class producer of high-quality home refrigeration. In 2000, Sub-Zero purchased Wolf, a professional kitchen producer for 70 years, and adapted their collection to domestic use.
All Sub-Zero refrigerators are available with stainless steel finish or panel-ready. Thanks to nearly limitless configurations, they offer great designing flexibility to complete, integrate or disappear in the kitchen cabinetry.
Among their top products are the Full-Size units with food preservation system and the classic style refrigerators French Door or Side-by-Side.

As Sub-Zero’s partner and retailer in Arezzo, we can be by your side while choosing the articles from Sub-Zero’s catalog that suit you best, walking with you discretely towards the best solutions for your projects.

Belvedere is a Sub-Zero authorized reseller.

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Belvedere is the authorized dealer


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