I established Belvedere Exclusive Interiors to carry out the world’s most sophisticated projects, a symbol of prestige and style. Unique designs, highly refined finishes and materials, state-of-the-art applied technologies are the peculiar traits that make Belvedere projects unique and incomparable.

Massimo Presentini Chairman


Italian Culture, Exclusive Interiors

Belvedere aims at giving shape to the most challenging desires of its clients through the world’s most complex and extraordinary interior design projects. Belvedere is the perfect expression of the finest Italian culture in terms of stylistic production, thanks to an inborn and recognized attention to details, taking advantage of the collaboration with leading and renowned architects and designers at the international level.


Half a century at the service of design

Belvedere was established in 1969 and is specialized in luxury interior design, distributing the best Italian and international brands for almost 50 years. Belvedere Exclusive Interiors, that includes business units Contract –specialized in custom contracts and solutions – and Atelier – specialized in bespoke solutions – joined the Store’s activity in 2007 with the aim of providing an all-inclusive service carrying out turnkey projects for final clients and design studios in every corner of the world.


Belvedere Exclusive Interiors has always been operating at the international level and, thanks to a highly consolidated expertise, is able to provide the best solutions to the requests coming from many different countries. A team of qualified professionals handles complex projects anywhere in the world, coordinating design, execution and installation activities; the international scope is guaranteed by the branch operating in Moscow and by previous collaborations with select partners in every country. The direct contact and closeness with the client are the undeniable prerequisites for the perfect fulfillment of any project.



Belvedere Exclusive Interiors relies on a staff composed of engineers, architects, project managers, CAD and 3D designers to conceive, develop and present the final project. In addition, the Belvedere team is completed off by selected craftsmen and technicians making up a panel of experts sharing the common goal of supplying products and services of the highest quality.


Belvedere Exclusive Interiors has always been a highly reliable partner for world-renowned interior designers and architects with whom the company has established solid and enduring relationships. The vast know-how regarding technologies, materials and furnishing solutions is at the complete disposal of such professionals to create exclusive products, and this translates into a vast assortment of services and product typologies.

  • Custom-made solutions
  • A collaborative Technical Office
  • A unique Collection of materials
  • Private visits corporate showroom
  • All the best design brands
  • A Project Manager dedicated to you
  • Worldwide delivery and installation
  • 300 sqm Design Center at your disposal


A space stretching across over 300 sq m, a workshop of ideas and concepts at the disposal of clients, architects and designers to draw on information and know-how, to examine new products or develop original ideas, set up to give shape to highly innovative interior design projects. The Design Center Belvedere is completed off by a showroom offering a vast selection of textiles, leathers, woods, metals, special materials to be combined together to fulfill the creative idea each project is based on.


Belvedere obtained the ISO 9001:2006 certification relevant to all corporate processes, guaranteeing a structured and codified design management system that enables to handle operating phases according to well-defined rules and procedures. Nothing is left to chance and each activity is carried out through modalities that only aim at the client’s utmost satisfaction.